Department of Small Business Development (DSBD) has initiated the Shared Economic Infrastructure Facility (SEIF), a sub-programme of the Black Business Support Development Programme (BBSDP) aimed at assisting black-owned small enterprises in improving their competitiveness and sustainability, in order to become integrated into the main economy. 

As part of a process of continuing to strengthen economic development through broadening participation in the economy, a new robust programme is thus provided to unlock public sector investment by providing infrastructure that is critical and necessary to crowd-in investment mostly in townships, rural areas and inner-city where there is clear business activity taking place.

The Shared Economic Infrastructure Facility (SEIF) is one of the support measures to encourage partnerships between national, provincial and local government to accelerate public sector investment through a provision of necessary infrastructure for small, medium and micro enterprises to unlock greater economic benefits.

The programme is a 50:50 cost-sharing grant made available on a reimbursable basis, where DSBD makes a contribution of 50% towards the qualifying infrastructure project upon the completion of agreed milestones. The programme is capped at a maximum grant of R5 million (VAT inclusive) per qualifying applicant. Guidelines have been amended to also accommodate special projects for deserving projects to be assisted even without collateral.

Programme coordinator:

Kgolane Thulare

012 394 1794

082 745 1794